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    exporting annotations

    Anne Masi



      Does anybody know a way on how to export annotations, or 'markers'?


      Im making a quite long faq video, that will not be posted on youtube, and I want to provide viewers the opportunity to skip to the next question depending on their interest. Preferably I want some labels on the timeline, which will only be visible when you move over it with your mouse.


      Anybody know whether this can be done in after effects, or what other program I might need to use? Ive searched all over on this topic, but no luck...


      Thank you so much advance!



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          Anne Masi Level 1

          ps: it is meant to go online, on a secured website, not on a dvd.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            I haven't ever heard of such a thing being done in After Effects.  AE renders files with a limited amount of metadata, most of which can only be accessed by other Adobe applications.


            Are you in a position to create individual files for each question rather than creating one long file?  It would probably make life easier.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Displaying dynamic subtitles on video is handled by the player. This has nothing to do with AE. Using scripting you can extract markers and al lthat, but you're really looking in the wrong place.



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                KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

                You could create videos in After Effects, then author those stops in Adobe Encore for DVD, and send the emulation out to other format.

                Or you could author the chapter skip buttons in Flash Pro. (It's not as hard as it looks)



                Either way you'll definitely need something else in your CreativeCloud toolkit other than After Effects alone.


                You might check those forums to see which is the best for you.




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                  Anne Masi Level 1

                  Thank you guys so much for your responses, where would I be without these forums...


                  @dave laronde you mean that there will then be 6 short films, considering there are 6 questions...? That is not really an option; it is one piece. But you, as well as Mylenium and KoMaruyama, are right of course: I figured this couldn't be done in after effects, but just wanted to make sure.

                  I am going to look into komaruyama's option (thank you for that quick potential actionplan!), and I'll get back to the forum on how I eventually solved it.

                  One more question: Do you guys think this request I received to make these markers belongs on the desk of the webeditor (or any other person that actually places the video on the website), or on the desk of the videomaker (my desk ). The thing is, I have made some corporate video's before,  but never really gotten into scripting. Although it is a valuable skill to master, considering current time constraints, I wonder whether I should park this right by the webeditor... Isn't this daily practice for this person?

                  Thank you!

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                    KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

                    To make it elegant, you may want to collaborate with your web editor: Make sure the the locations that the viewer is skipping to has a chapter break or natural start point so it doesn't feel like the viewer has jumped into the area mid-sentence.


                    It's a job that's suited more for editorial (PremierePro) or a producer's role than After Effects, but as you'll be creating the content in AE, it may come back to you if it's not done well.


                    Good luck.