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    Ik kan in premiere elements geen gopro beelden openen, slechts het geluid wordt geopend.


      In mijn adobe premiere elements probeerde ik onlangs enkele met de gopro genomen filmpjes te openen. Het programma opent echter alleen het geluid, zonder beeld. Dit terwijl het wel mogelijk is filmpjes die met een Iphone gemaakt zijn (ook Quicktime) en met een Canon spiegelreflexcamera gemaakt zijn (ook Quicktime) opent. Naar mijn idee zou het mogelijk moeten zijn deze beelden te openen, het is me niet duidelijk wat er mis is.

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          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          Please clarify - do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on the same computer with Premiere Elements and are you using the programs as administrator (user account with administrative privileges). If you go to the sharing area of your version/Computer/QuickTime, do you find QuickTime presets listed under the Presets field?


          There may be problems with the iPhone video if the video was recorded with a variable frame rate instead of a constant one. The symptoms can range from audio out sync to not being able to import the video at all. So, we must know

          a. what version iPhone, video compression, file extension and other properties

          This type of problem can usually be resolved by taking the cell phone video into the free HandBrake software to convert the file to H.264.mp4 with a constant instead of variable frame rate. Then import this H.264.mov into the Premiere Elements project.



          What is the model/settings for the Canon camera? This will give us the properties of that video to understand its behavior in your version of Premiere Elements.


          Please review and consider and then we can decide what next based on the details of your reply.


          Thank you.