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    IDML cannot be created from InDesign CC document with many hyperlinks

    Elise Grinstead

      Hi everyone,


      I've been working with a 53 page InDesign document in Creative Cloud (10.2.0) that has over 200+ hyperlinks (including text anchors, URLs, mailto:, page anchors). There are also cross references (so a piece of text is both a text anchor destination AND a hyperlink to another text anchor). I need to save this as an IDML for my client who works in CS6. However, hyperlinks are preventing the IDML from saving completely. I've taken all the hyperlinks out of the document and have successfully created an IDML that way.


      I know it's something to do with the hyperlinks, but do not know how to troubleshoot. I can't eliminate the hyperlinks as this is an online, academic paper with navigable references throughout. Any suggestions?


      Thanks for your help!