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    How to rename my Lightrom CC catalogue name

    NormU Level 1

      I have install Lightroom CC and my Lightroom 5 catalogue has been upgrade to a CC version. I want to rename the Lightroom 5 catalogue-2.lrcat to Lightroom CC Catalogue.lrcat. and Lightroom 5 catalogue-2 Previews to Lightroom CC Catalogue Preveiws.lrdata

      can I safely do this?

      There are 4 other files from the upgrade in my catalogue folder

      one ending in lock , one ending in journal

      a temporary import data.db

      a temporary import data.db-journal

      can these 4 files be deleted

      Thanks for the help

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The lock file is generated whenever Lightroom is open. It is a file that the catalog depends on. When you close Lightroom, that lock file should be deleted automatically. I believe the to temporary files were utilized during the conversion of your Lightroom 5 catalog. I just deleted those two files on my computer, and everything is working fine. You can rename your catalog anything you want to name it. Then just double-click on it to get Lightroom to open the catalog with its new name. From then on you can start Lightroom the normal way. You might find that renaming the catalog causes that file to lose its icon, I did. But it still works fine.