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    How to enable Lightroom Mobile sync?


      I want to enable lightroom mobie sync as it has not working after update to both desktop and mobile app. On the app, it states that I should enable it from desktop. I have one catalog synced with mobile, but one isn't and the one I need to enable it. I have gone through every questions previously asked but no luck.


      Using Liightroom CC with most up to date version. As you can see below screen shot that there is no sync boxes before each collection.

      Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.03.47 PM.png

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          Wolf Eilers Level 4

          You can sync only a single catalog. If you have one catalog currently synced to mobile but want another catalog to sync then you need to stop syncing on the first and then start syncing on the second catalog. Click the down arrow next to the identity plate to start the sync process.


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            karv76325917 Level 1

            Great. That worked. If only that was shown in the Help menu.



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              Question.... can I say sync from main desktop.... to mobile?   Check!!!!


              BUT can I also have those same collections sync to Surface Pro 3? 


              Syncing to Mobile works.... but I was curious if it will sync to another computer?  My surface pro 3?  Lightroom CC allows for two computers now... and my surface pro 3 is more my lightweight big mobile... 

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                No you cannot use Mobile Sync to sync images to another desktop LR catalog.


                The way I work with my photos on my two desktops is to put the catalog and recent photos on a USB3-attached portable drive, assign the same drive-letter to it, and swap it between the two computers.  I also replicate everything on mthis drive to another similar drive so if something happens to the one, like I drop it or lose it, then my photos are ok.

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                  idaband Level 1

                  that is a bummer...I was afraid of that...


                  At first I messed up the syncing... I turned on sync on one computer then the other ...and the different catalogs caused the syncing to go crazy....


                  But now I have that fixed.


                  As a workflow....I'm not 100% what I'll do.  If I'm on the road I want to use my surface and use it like a mobile.  but I'll have to take the catalog with me now....which means...time to create multiple catalogs....my catalog is almost 2 gigs right now.


                  Thank you for the reply.  I kind of hope adobe allows a feature like this in the future...ONE main power computer and multiple "mobile" clients

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                    lynneburton44 Level 1

                    You can also keep the catalog in dropbox.  Then you don't have to worry about carrying around another drive.