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    Weird rendering in develop mode of LR6


      Hi there,


      I just got a Nikon d750, and I'm using a friend's CC LR 6 so that I can see the images.


      I rendered 1:1 previews. 


      When I move from image to image in develop, first it pixelates, then flattens the image (color-wise), then it brings the color back while the image blurs some, then it will pop into focus.


      I'm coming from LR 3 and a D3 and I've never seen anything like this.  I'm working on 500 images to tech and it's taking me forever just waiting for this to happen with every image!


      I discovered that this does not happen when I am right and left arrowing back and forth between images in the Library mode.


      Anyone seeing this?  Have any ideas?  And solutions?