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    [DirMX2004]:tilt of screen after fullscreen action...

    Level 7
      I want to refresh my screen after fullscreen action of my movie (.mov) but
      I don't know how I
      can do it ....this is my code:

      on mouseUp me
      --change the size an position of .mov file
      sprite(13).rect = rect(0,0,1024,751)
      sprite(13).loc = point(512,385)
      --insert the button '-' for come back to the original size of .mov file
      sprite(16).loc = point(-1,0)
      --the Flash buttons go out the stage
      sprite(3).loc = point(1500,1500)
      sprite(4).loc = point(1500,1500)
      sprite(5).loc = point(1500,1500)
      sprite(6).loc = point(1500,1500)
      sprite(7).loc = point(1500,1500)
      sprite(8).loc = point(1500,1500)
      sprite(9).loc = point(1500,1500)
      sprite(10).loc = point(1500,1500)
      sprite(50).loc = point(1500,1500)
      sprite(36).loc = point(1500,1500)

      the code of button "-" is:
      on mouseUp me
      --the .mov file comes back to the original size and position
      sprite(13).rect = rect(0,0,532,408)
      sprite(13).loc = point(564,381)
      --the button '-' go out the stage
      sprite(16).loc = point(1500,1500)
      --Flash buttons come back to the stage
      sprite(3).loc = point(191,431)
      sprite(4).loc = point(133,108)
      sprite(5).loc = point(242,108)
      sprite(6).loc = point(348,106)
      sprite(7).loc = point(191,214)
      sprite(8).loc = point(191,322)
      sprite(9).loc = point(191,538)
      sprite(10).loc = point(191,647)
      sprite(36).loc = point(74,712)
      sprite(38).loc = point(74,782)

      When the .mov file comes back to the original size there is a screenshot
      of .mov file in a
      fullscreen mode...Why? ..I want to refresh the stage to cancel this 'bug'
      but I can't do it!...please
      can you help me?

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