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    Rendering multiple composition?


      I will be grateful to you if anybody explain me how can I do this.I am a newbie in after affects. I collect a after effect template from a site.I agree to customize it.I customized it but when I try to render them I can not select whole projects.I can only select one composition. please can you tell me how can I select whole project so that I can convert it to mp4 or .mov.


      I can not render this template properly.In this case only select one composition





      But I can render this project properly as it has a single composition.



      I will be grateful to you if anybody explain me to- how can I converter first project(with multiple composition)  to mp4 .


      I am eagerly waiting for response

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          Mathias Moehl Adobe Community Professional

          Select all compositions simultaneously which you want to render and drag them on the "Create a new composition icon" (see image).


          This will create a new composition that contains all the other compositions.

          In the dialog that will pop up, make sure to choose to create a single composition and check the "Sequence Layers" checkbox.

          Then you can render this new composition as usual.

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            DigitalSpatula Adobe Community Professional

            The other option is to select all your compositions in the project window and use the "add to render queue" command in the composition menu up top. You simply need to select all the comps in the render queue and choose your render settings, output format, and output location.