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    Filmstrip... instead of Synchronize?

    - JM - Level 3

      Does it seem odd that the filmstrip actually says "Filmstrip" at the top. It's a filmstrip, it doesn't need to say it's a filmstrip


      After loading ACR 9.0 I immediately clicked on Filmstrip assuming that there would be other view options, similar to bridge. It was much more helpful to have the "Synchronize" up there. I realize that there are a couple more options now, but hiding them in a dropdown menu seems more of a convenience to the developer than the user. The ACR UI is starting to feel a little old.


      Did I miss a preference setting that allows me to change this?



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are five options now, instead of two, and they choose not to put 5 buttons up there.   You can always use the keyboard shortcuts if you don’t want to click one extra time to reveal the five options and choose one.

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            - JM - Level 3

            I understand why it was done. But there are always many ways to do something. And maybe this is a good time to explore new options in the next version before new features continue to get buried under a header called "Filmstrip".


            Even with the current setup, the menu option shouldn't be "Sync Settings", it should be "Sync..."

            If you go to the right side drop down, there is a menu option for "Save Settings..."  this option changes the "save" settings as it implies. But the "Sync Setting..." is an option for "Sync"