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    Lightroom 6 Catalog recommendations?


      I haven't seen much discussion on catalog recommendations since LR4 or thereabouts.  Is the general advice still the same?


      After using LR since V2, I'm now on the latest CC version (2015 with first update installed, 64bit windows 7).  My catalog now is about 1.8GB after the regular optimizations with about 60000 photos, some 100+ videos, lots of keywords (1-10 per pic on average), some collections, etc.


      It's not handling to badly on my 3yo computer (which mid to high end when I got it, 6GB RAM) but sometimes things take a while to show up in the metadata filters (showing "Loading" for 15+ seconds every now and then).


      Have I got to the stage where I should consider splitting my catalog?  Or will the hassle of running two catalogs end up being more of a pain than any benefits.