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    Loan Token Not Found on Nook Simple Touch

    scottinrig Level 1

      Computer OS: Windows 8.1.

      ADE version:

      Device: B&N Nook Simple Touch


      After working fine as recently as a few days ago, my Nook is suddenly unable to read a book downloaded from my public library.  The book can be read on the Windows desktop using Adobe Digital Editions, but when I use Digital Editions to transfer the book to my Nook reader, I cannot read it there.  The book appears in the Library on the Nook, but when I try to open it, I get the message "Loan token not found."


      Doing a factory reset (erase and deregister device) and re-registering the Nook, then re-authorizing it using Adobe Digital Editions does not fix the problem.


      If I look at the Nook using the Windows File Explorer and examine the file .adobe-digital-editions\activation.xml, I can see that it does not contain any <loan token> section.  So the Nook has correctly reported that there is no loan token, and it appears that ADE has transferred the book without properly updating this file.