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    All I get is a grayed out box where the graphic should be when I open up an old indd file.


      Occasionally when I open an old indd file (created by PageMaker and last saved to CS4 format) some of the graphics (tifs) do not show correctly. All I get is a grayed out box where the graphic should be. The only work around that I have found so far is to have one of my co workers open the document with InDesign CS4, and cut and paste the graphic to Photoshop and then save as a png file. Once the graphics are resaved they import correctly. Note that these graphics will NOT display correctly in any InDesign version higher than 4. I do not have access to any of the original graphic files (the computer they were created/stored on is long gone).

      To add insult to injury, when I try and replace and save the document into CC2014 something gets damaged in the file since the saved (CC2014 version) document will not export to a pdf.

      I would hate to install InDesign 4 back on my machine since I am currently running CC2014 on a Windows 7 laptop.Anyone have a better solution?