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    I do not have a welcome screen


      In the web tutorial by David Powers - with the Golden Gate Bridge - it shows a welcome screen  MY Dreamweaver does not have a welcome screeen

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          David_Powers Level 7

          That tutorial was created with the original 2013 version of Dreamweaver CC, so some parts of the interface are different. In Dreamweaver CC 2014.1 (the current release), the Welcome Screen looks completely different. To get to the equivalent view in CC 2014.1, click Create at the top left of the Welcome screen, then click Get Started (or something like that - I forget what it says the first time). After you have created a page from there, the next time the Welcome screen opens, it will show three columns: New, Open Recent, and Starter Templates.


          If you don't see the Welcome screen at all, open Dreamweaver Preferences (from the Edit menu on Windows, or the Dreamweaver menu on Mac OS X). Select General from the Category list on the left, and make sure the Show Welcome Screen check box is selected. Then click Apply and Close. The Welcome screen should display the next time you open DW.

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            Madamepeggy Level 1

            Thank you - i appreciate your prompt reply.  I am not sure when I will have

            time to try your suggestions.  I hope I do not need to write back.


            Peggy Boehm


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