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    Linked AI with overlays looks fine on PC when exported to PDF, but Mac horribly distorts the color?

    todd_rohrer Level 1

      I'm pulling in an .AI file into my .INDD on PC, and it looks beautiful! I export the PDF, send it to my supervisor, who is on a Mac, and it looks like garbage!



      Magnificent, beautiful, bright!




      I think this got pulled out of a dumpster...




      What is going on?  When my supervisor tried to print it, it still came out that way, but when I print it, it's fine.


      A bit about the .AI file:  It's a gradient mesh with multiple layers of semi-transparent, "soft-light" overlaid patterns.  The files are placed as links into the InDesign file.  They have matching color profiles. I also tried embedding the link in case that was the issue.  I am at a loss.


      P.S. The quote above is not an indication of my feelings toward Adobe. It just happened to be in the document I'm working on.