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    Can someone help clean up my script?


      First let me say, I am completely new to this. My supervisor asked me to start converting word forms to PDF, and add special features, such as auto generating emails after a digital signature.


      This is the script I have, copied and edited from Change subject line of email when submitting a form using Acrobat X Pro


      Here is my edited script:


      // Build the subject line text from several fields form fields

      substart = "Request for non-standard hardware for: "

      clientname = getField("name2").valueAsString;

      space = " "

      numsign = "##"

      reqidnum = getField("reqid").valueAsString;

      var subj_text = substart + clientname + space + numsign + reqidnum + numsign;


      // Send the email


          cTo: "supervisor@asdf.com",

          cSubject: subj_text,

          cMsg: "Body of email message goes here.",



      So as you can tell, I'm not all that good. I had to use a variable to put a space in the subject line.


      Here is how the subject line looks like with the above script:

      Request for non-standard hardware for: John Smith ##123456##


      How can I clean this up so I don't just keep using variables? I know theres a way I just don't know how.