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    what is the best way to track a texture onto a piece of floor or wall, if camera is moving   ?

    djmattyz Level 1

      i have a special effect where i simulated a character cut in half,  however we did this using a small platform we built, and put gravel over it to make it look like the ground, then he puts the lower half of his body beneith it.


      the problem is you can see very clearly the edge of the platform in  the shot

      so, i want to take a piece of existing gravel from the shot, and paste it over to the part where we see the edge of the platform , and sort of extend the gravel area that way.


      i know im gonna be so happy when i realize how to do this, but currently it has me scratching my head.

      i tried a few times using  a duplicate of the footage, masked, and (position/rotation) motion tracking but no luck, i think i need a different technique.


      any suggestions?


      i saw a tutorial once about how to copy and paste different parts of the survace of a table to cover up burn marks in moving footage,  i think this would probably be what im looking for, but i cant find this video now.


      chopped in half.jpg