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    How to integrate Edge/Captivate succesfully?

    Gustavo Salton Level 1

      Hello fellow members!

      I've been working with Captivate for some time, and I always used its own effects and time line to put my objects, texts and sound.

      The thing is Captivate animation capabilitties are rather limited, and I started looking for some way to make it better. I found Edge Animate and

      learned a few things from it, but I'm not a expert.

      When I create things like a image entrance effect or any other animation on Edge and try to bring it to Captivate, it doesn't work correctly. I get no

      result when previewing my Captivate project.

      My doubt is: How to integrate it correctly? Should i use .oam or a zipped html 5 file? I would really appreciate some guidance regarding this matter!

      Ps: I have little experience with An, nearly 3 weeks. I've learned some basic motions and a few script based animations.

      Thanks in advance!

      *Updating: It seems that .oam does work easily, so I wonder what am I doing wrong? Perhaps my Cp version or some script I'm not writing in An?