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    InDesign CC 2014 crash when saving


      I have a random issue where InDesign CC 2014.2 crashes randomly, but I can trigger it regularly when trying to Save to network.  I've researched the error report Apple gives me, but there are no forums or solves that have worked.  I've tried reinstalling CC, uninstalling only InDesign CC 2014, trashing my preferences, I even blanked the machine and loaded all my stuff back onto it and it still crashes.  I've attached the link to the pastebin with the raw dump file.  Please help, Adobe!



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Are you saving across a network? It looks like it might be losing the connection.

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            I'm on CC2014.2. I'm having the same issue. Not just saving, though this is the most frustrating as I'm constantly losing work, but also when I'm relinking or placing images, cancelling dialogue boxes, etc. I'm also finding there is a delay when simply scrolling. On average I have to force quit Indesign and/or restart my computer 3 or 4 times a day!

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              erics71656208 Level 1

              Hey guys, just a little update to this: I was focused solely on InDesign CC 2014 crashing, that I was going mad (literally mad, I am insane now) and had blinders on.  I'll lay out as many pieces as possible.


              1.  We recently upgraded all Mac's to Yosemite 10.10.3

              2.  All these Mac's work off a network share on a Windows 2012 SP2 file server.

              3.  All of our indd files and basically ANY files are on said file share.

              4.  SMBv2 and SMBv3 are enabled on the file server.

              5.  https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=14039 

              --------------  I was reading this, and in Mavericks, I had previously forced SMB1 and thought those changes would remain on Yosemite.

              6.  We do have reports of Macs losing the shared network drive and sidebar favorites.

              7.  I have applied the SMB1 force to all Mac's, but the user in question who uses InDesign is now terrified of the network.  She has not had any problems working locally.

              8.  Infrastructure is not the issue, as we've tested cables, switches, etc.  PC users have no problems working on the shared network drive.


              I'll keep you guys updated on how InDesign behaves when returning to the network share.


              @Peter Spier - you were on the right track with networking, but it's the file share protocol that is the issue with Yosemite OSX.

              @helswels - are you working on a Windows file share?  Try this out!  Keep in mind, though: I am insane now.