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    Projector navigation  help

      Hi there.

      I hope this isn't too confusing...

      I have built a projector for a cd-rom presentation and everything's going well. My interface and drop-down navigation are all loaded into a shell file and are on the top level. All swf's are then loaded into a level below the navigation. My main issue is figuring out if this drop-down menu navigation can load a swf and then move the playhead to a designated frame.

      i.e. "About" is the primary button. OnRelease reveals a drop-down menu in which there are 4 secondary buttons, "Introduction," "History," "Client List," and "Capabilities." Each of these secondary buttons are designated to sections in one larger swf. Upon clicking on one of these I would like to load the swf into a designated level and move the playehead to it's corresponding frame label. Problem is, it takes a few seconds to load the swf into the level because the projector is pulling it from the disc thus skipping the code telling it to play the corresponding frame label. It ends up just loading the swf and playing it on the 1st frame.

      One solution is to make the primary "About" button load the corresponding swf. Then all the secondary buttons in the drop down would just call to that level {_level18.gotoAndPlay(introTwo);} I want to find another way around this because I didn't want to load content on the primary button. I wanted to provide the options first then let them choose which section.

      Hope you can help!!

      Thank you for your time!!