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    My digital editions has stopped working


      I bought an e-book a week ago and installed digital editions ver.3 to read it. It was working fine but then suddenly stopped yesterday. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, turning my PC on and off and even installing an older version (it worked but wouldn't let me read my book) but nothing seems to be working. The program won't open; it says that digital editions has stopped working and then closes without telling me anymore. I'm getting pretty fed up with this and would like some help if any is available...

      My computer uses Windows 8 and I want to state again IT WAS WORKING FINE UNTIL YESTERDAY, the stopped

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          shreya Adobe Employee

          When you try to relaunch ADE after crash, it tries open in the previous state before crash and it will end up in crashing again.

          Can you please try below steps:

          Quit ADE

          Take backup of the "My Digital Editions" folder in "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\" (for Windows)

          Delete the My Digital Editions folder.

          Launch ADE

          Now add the books one by one from the backup to the newly created folder.


          Hope this works !!

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            shreya--thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!


            After many years of using ADE, I've spent most of my day trying to get ADE to download and display my library books.  After deauthorizing/reauthorizing, uninstalling/reinstalling various versions of ADE, and making sure the acsm and epub files were associated with ADE, I found your suggestion and tried it.  Finally, my library books started downloading into ADE!  I haven't been successful at copying the books from the backup folder into ADE, but I'm OK with that since I use a different app to manage my ebook library.  Being able to download library books was the most important process and that is finally working!

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              Hi Shreya


              I have tried this solution too after numerous other solutions that failed and this one worked very well. Thank you