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    Panorama Merge Tool not accepting jpeg files


      Hello All,


      Just upgraded to Lightroom 6 and tried the Panorama Merge Tool.  I use Photomatix to create HDR images.  Photomatix then outputs jpeg files.  In the past, I have taken these jpeg files into Photoshop Elements 12 to successfully create a panorama image.  When I import these same images into Lightroom6, the panorama merge quickly fails with the message: "Unable to merge the photos.  Please cancel and review your selection."


      Interestingly, when I do the HDR within Lightroom6, the panorama merge works.


      There seems to be something with the jpegs that Photomatix creates that is confusing Lightroom6 - but it does NOT confuse Photoshop Elements 12.


      Anybody else seeing this issue?


      Thanks in advance.