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    Render speeds with a decent W.S and small Time Line?

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      Hi All,

      I have a question in referenc to render speed.


      Currently using Cs6 pre - C.C.


      Win7 Pro O.S

      i7 3770k processor 3.5 Ghz

      16gb of 1600 mhz Ram

      Using an SSD 1/2 full for O.S and Adobe Software

      Another SSD to park read assets, that is a 1\4 full

      Then write to an HDD 7200 RPM 1/10 full if that.


      My project was that of a 1080 MTS, rendered out to then be jpg sequence

      to track in Mocha.


      Added a PNG to tie to track point ( a sign for a building)


      One other JPG for a 'patch' to cover a  track point.

      One Png to cover another track point.


      Added a CC particle to create  a dust storm, rather to enhance a dust storm; placed on a Solid for the first 7 seconds.


      Added a Lens  Flare on a solid for the last 5 seconds.


      Render at 16bits motion blur on for sign, lend flare, and particle system for dust storm.


      Rendered out to an AVI Best settings...


      8.5 hours for 13 seconds of timeline !


      set up AE.JPG

      ram set AE.JPG