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    Premiere 13 output mp3 audio only


      I have found it useful to output mp3 versions of the sound track. I have just upgraded from premier3 11 to version 13 and it seems that it no longer provides the option of exporting the sound track only as an mp3 file. Am I missing something or has Adobe really removed this very useful option?


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Please supply more details.


          Premiere Elements 11 and 13 should be the same for exporting your soundtrack only as an mp3 file.


          Do you have audio in the project other than that which is on the soundtrack? If no audio on numbered audio tracks or narration track, then consider





          and Presets = MP3 High Quality


          You could also use




          and Presets = ______

          and then click on the Advance Button and in the Export Settings Customization area, just have a check mark next to Export Audio rather than next to both Export Video and Audio.


          How did you achieve your stated goal in Premiere Elements 11?


          Looking forward to your follow up to give us the information to clarifyy your issue.