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    can you make headers in a table begin on every second page


      I'm having issues with my table in indesign.


      In the last row at the end of the page I need the line weight at .5pt but my tables are multiple pages and are threaded, so at the beginning of the next page I need a new line weight at the top of the row.


      Problem is on one page I cannot end the last row in one line weight/colour and continue the table onto the next page without the top of that row looking the same as my previous pages last row.


      I don't want to add more invisible rows as I feel there should be a more time effective solution.


      My only solution so far has been to create a header, however I now can't work out how to start headers on every second page as my options appear to be; every column, frame or page.


      If anyone can help resolve either of these issues I would appreciate it!