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    Working with InDesign and InCopy


      I am a copyeditor working remotely with a designer on a small magazine. I receive and edit copy in Word format, then email the edited article to the designer, still in Word format. He is using InDesign CS5. The problem is that when he sends me a proof in pdf format, and I make final corrections to the pdf, I don't always get the result I expected: he sometimes misses the corrections or enters them incorrectly.


      In order to give me better control over the text, we were considering getting InDesign CC for me, so that I could send him correctly formatted copy. My understanding is that I could create an output in InDesign CC that he could use in CS5.


      I had not known about InCopy before, but obviously that would be the ideal solution. From looking at other questions, I gather that it doesn't work to use InCopy CC output in InDesign CS5. Assuming that I can't persuade the boss to get InDesign CC for the designer and InCopy CC for me, what is my best alternative?


      Is InCopy just a subset of InDesign? Can I use InDesign just as easily as InCopy, ignoring the layout aspect? Or is InCopy a far superior product for an editor who doesn't design? Any insights would be much appreciated.



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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          InCopy would be indeed the best solution for you. InCopy is the little brother of InDesign, But both need to be in the same version to work together flawless.

          InCopy is much cheaper and simpler than InDesign as it is missing layout capacity, but both of you need to understand both applications.

          Generally, if 2 persons are working on the same document they should have the same versions between 2 InDesigns or between InDesign and InCopy, any workflow where IDML is needed should be avoided.


          Why are there so many corrections in your present workflow? If you make your Word Document correct and set it up with styles without any manual format overrides, no hyphenation, no several continuous returns it should reduce the number of corrections on the first place.

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            ppangloss Level 1

            Thank you for this useful information!