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    InDesign CS6 (8.1) hangs when opening documents, intermittent


      InDesign CS6 (8.1) hangs when opening documents, intermittent, and a document that hangs InDesign, after restarting InDesign, will open fine. I found the following track, Re: InDesign CS5.5 Not Responding  for instructions to "force a hang into a crash" and am posting the crash logs to  pastebin.com

      This is the sample process report OPI_Sample9MAY15 - Pastebin.com

      This is the corresponding InDesign Crash log OPI_InDesignCrashLog9MAY15 - Pastebin.com


      I am hoping that someone might be able to read the logs and tell me what is causing InDesign to hang


      For more background information we are using Mac OS X 10.10.3, Within indesign we are using an editorial management software called "NewsEngin GPS" that utilizes Rohohiko's ADIP ToolAssistant plugin and an advertising management plugin "Pagelink" from Mactive/NewsCycle Solutions. These are the only 3 third party vendors that are being used and of course all claim that their products separately are stable under Mac OS 10.10 and InDesign CS6 v8.1.