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    |How to change page sizes in custom packages


      Hello All. First post!


      I found a perfect way to prep my photos to different sizes for print, but I fear a limitation in Lightroom will set back my progress.


      So, I can select a photo in the "Print" section and select the custom package option in layout style. From there I can add a page with the exact size of the photos needed for instance:


      1 - 8x10

      1 - 5x7

      1 - wallet


      The main issue is the page sizes for each photo is locked to the largest size (which is 8x10) so when I print to file, it also saves the image with the background of the page size.


      Is there any way to adjust the individual page sizes so when the images export they can fit the exact cell size of the photos WITHOUT having to do each size one by one?


      Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 11.16.43 PM.pngl

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          The page size is set by the print size you choose in the Page Setup. Every page added in custom package is tied to this size. The point of custom package was to get as many prints onto one page as possible to minimize having loads of different paper sizes stocked. Of course it works for layouts as well. For your example, you'd easily fit the 5X7 and a set of wallet photos on the 2nd page.

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            geniusconcepts Level 1

            That would also work, but  since I'm not printing the images myself, each photo size needs to fit the dimensions of the size needed. That way when I upload to the printing company they will already be formatted without me having to manually adjust each photo to make sure nothing gets unexpectently cropped.


            The frustrating part is that each page in the custom package exports to a separate JPEG file which is perfect, but since all of the pages are linked to the same page size the 5x7 will export on an 8x10 background.


            I Was up til 1 am trying to figure it out. I guess it's a limitation of the program. Maybe a future update would address it but I'm just going to complete the project in a different program for now.


            Thank you for your repsonse and insight. awesome for my First post!

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              SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

              No problem George. The way that layout works, it can only use a single page size. You could just create collections using Virtual Copies of the originals, and use the crop tool to get the correct aspect ratio and export those files via Export Presets set up for the correct size and resolution.