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    Lightroom Issue with renamed files


      I am working in LTR 4 and had Custom Named about 60 photos after working on them in Photoshop.

      I then imported the Folder in LTR by adding it to me catalog.

      I selected all to add Metadata.

      Then ACCIDENTALLY I thought I was chosing just one photo which still had the original DSC_1234 number on it to do a test for renaming the remainders with

      Original File Number.


      But I accidentally did not go to SELECT NONE. It looked like I was only renaming that one.

      I put in new name for the ONE.

      It then renamed every single one of the originals including ruining all of my date and hour created and names that were CUSTOM like

      MotherRobinFeeding 4

      FatherRobinFeeding 2


      Is there a way to undo that renaming and restore the original names that were on my portable HD and originals?

      I tried to call TECH SUPPORT and was bounced from one agent to another after being on hold for 15 mins. between each one.

      Bounced to 5 different techs who all said - " I will put you on hold and connect you with someone who knows LTR.

      After one hour not one of them could help me.

      ADOBE's Tech Support is terrrible. Bombay India is where I think I was talking to.


      Is there no way to undo? Bad feature to have to constantly Select All and SELECT NONE. IF you don't then it is undoable.

      Step Backward would help.

      I can't go back and Manually name 60 or 70 files again. ARRRRRGGGHHH.

      Photo Journalists I know don't and won't use LTR.

      Any help thank you.