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    HTML Complier Erroe


      I have been trying to import our help project from RoboHelp Classic 9.2 to RoboHelp HTML (version 9.2) everything seems to go smoothly all the correct topics etc are converted over to HTML, the problem is when I compile I get the following error,

      The Microsoft HTML Help Complier did not complete properly. Please check the error messages, fix the problems then compile again.

      The compilation then terminates, I can't find anywhere that states what the actual error is (no .CHM is produced).

      After some investigation I can get the project to compile if I leave the context -sensitive help files (.h file) out - it will compile fine, but again as soon as I import this I get the same problem and the project will no longer compile.

      We have even created a new project, again this works until the .h file is imported in. I have checked to ensure the .h file is in the correct format (our developers provide these to us) and everything look fine to me.

      If anyone could please shed some light on what the problem could be - that would be great.