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    dropdown currentValueIndices?




      It is late and I am loosing my mind on this stupidly simple problem. Please give me my sanity back and help me figuring out what I am doing wrong.


      I have a simple dropdown box with multiple items. The dropdown does not allow user to enter text, and the will commit immediately is checked.

      I am trying to change another object when a selection is made. I this case, I want to display in the box 'Test' the index of the dropdown that was selected.


      In the Format/custom/custom keystroke I have the following:


      if( event.willCommit ) {




      The problem is every time I am selecting a new value from the dropbox, Test is getting the previous Index value, not the new one selected.

      Same result if I use event.change instead of currentValueIndices.


      What should I use to get the new index value of the selection when a selection is made/committed?