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    clarification required regarding Flex Server

      I have been studying about the new flex 2 technology and have downloaded the flex builder 2trail. I am able to build flex application successfully and also have been able to deploy it on Windows Office live . But i am very much confused about Flex Server facility. First of all is Flex Server and Flex Data Services the same. In the documentation provided in the Adobe website the Flex server is said to be used to compile the mxml to appropriate swf, but i have not downloaded any Flex server then how am i able to compile the mxml to flash application.
      Can some one plz give me a more clear idea about Flex Server or give some useful link to read about it.

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          Be happy to clear this up:

          Flex 2 SDK (software development kit) is the Flex user interface (we call it the 'framework') and the mxmlc and compc compilers. This is free. It enables you to use HTTPService and WebServices.

          Flex Builder 2 is Eclipse (or a plug-in for Eclipse) and includes the Flex 2 SDK. Which means it comes with the compilers.

          Flex Server is part of Flex Data Services. Flex Server includes Flex 2 SDK and allows you to deploy MXML and AS source files to your web server so that when the main MXML file is requested, it will be dynamically compiled into a SWF. We call this the 'web tier' compiler.

          Flex Data Services also includes Flex Data Management and Messaging.

          In addition to these there is also Flex Charting and the ColdFusion 7.0.2 Flex Connectivity Kit.