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    LR6: Slideshows not sharp




      I upgraded from LR 5.7 to LR 6.0.1. Now in LR6.0.1 the pictures and text-overlays are not really sharp in the "Slideshow-Module". Slideshows using same templates and containing the same pictures and overlays are looking good and sharp in the older Version LR5 on the same hardware. I'm using a Win 8.1 Notebook witch 1920x1080 resolution and the problem appears with activated (nvidia m750) and deactivated hardware-accelleration. All settings in Lightroom for previews and quality are set to maximum.


      Is there anybody with same problem?

      How can i solve this Issue?


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          framic Level 1

          Hello again. After 2 month I have to say that this problem already exists.

          I am working with LR 6.1 now but the slideshows are looking bad so far. I tried a lot and generated new previews but without any effect. Specially the Text -Overlays look very soft and bad so I can not use the slideshow-module.


          Why do the same slideshows look better in the old LR 5.7?

          When will Adobe fix this issue? I payed for this software and after 2 month I can not completly use it .

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            I am also having problems with the text being blurry. My images seem fine but the text is not crisp.