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    render won't start

    BritMorph Level 1

      I've a problem now on my iMac where renders don't want to start when rendering from inside after effects. I press "render" and it just hangs on the first frame. I tried a comp with a solid and just basic particular as a 5 sec movie. It got stuck for around 20secs and then rendered. Tried again with the same comp and it started straight away. Then again and it hung and wouldn't do it at all. Bit random.


      I just got the background rendering script and that works ok and that works fine, but inside of after effects no joy, especially with more complicated comps.


      Never had the problem before.

      I have also noticed that After Effects seems to be running pretty slow compared to what it was a couple of months ago so I am wondering if the two problems are related somehow?


      Any ideas of what to try? Could a pretty full hard drive be a culprit?