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    E-Signatures and Government .pdf files


      As Secretary for a volunteer group I have to send a government form to various people for e-sigs but they dont have Adobe. is this just an oversight by the government or is there a way round it?  As Secretary of this group i have permission to have access i have  to their email in case anyone sick or on holiday, could I send the form to their emails, log in and sign them and send them back to myself or does Adobe  take account of the DNS being the same? Also do you send the pdf out to everyone at the same time or one at a time so it is signed in sequence? Many Thanks.

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          IsakTen Level 4

          What do you mean by "they dont have Adobe"? Do you mean a mud brick or Adobe Systems company? I guess you mean Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader product. Or do you mean something else? Adobe Reader is a free product that anyone can easily download and install. So there is no problem in not having Adobe Reader. If you want to have really robust e-signing experience, you need to sign up for a signing service, like Adobe EchoSign. This service will channel to-be-signed documents in the proper order and ensure the validity of the signatures. It is quite inexpensive, and only the initiator of the signing needs to sign up for the service. People who sign do not need to sign up.

          I do not know whether I answered your question because it was difficult to understand it.