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    Has anyone had an issue with After Effects CC and CS6 misinterpreting files as 'trillions of colors' when it should be 'millions'...?


      ... or at least elsewhere are interpreted as 'millions', such as an older version of AE or QuicktimePro?


      My usual workflow of doing a first pass in Premiere CS6, handing off to AE CS6 for graphics compositing, and then going back and forth seems to have hit a snag I've never encountered.


      There have been a ton of variables in this project, different from recent projects, that seem to be hampering my ability to isolate and eliminate 'error':

      For instance our Subject Matter Expert dabbles in editing and even generated an offline EDL from FCP-Express. I converted and incorporated his EDL as well as a reference movie he exported and I incorporated. I later found out was Apple Intermediate codec, thought it might be a contributor; so I re-exported as ProRes422 - didn't eliminate 'error'.



      We received a bunch of AVID-native MXF files from an outside source that seemed to behave a little differently from our in-house P2 MXF's, so I converted them to ProRes422. (The screengrabs below are from converted AVID files).

      However even some years old SD files I've never had issues with, in CS6 show up as 'trillions' in color depth, nowhere else.

      I've tried to isolate as to the cause of this 'error' I cannot eliminate. Half of my Premiere timeline is not coming in right and/or not even importing into AE timeline, though files all seem to be in Project window file list.


      I have tried using both Premiere CC and AE CC versions instead of CS6... same results.


      I've been using CS6 and CC for about the last 8 months in similar ways with no similar issue. I've been using After Effects for decades.

      After a bunch of research yesterday, some people in various discussions - on various sites, cited mxf compatibility issues. I hadn't had any with our native P2 mxf's prior to this project.

      However this morning I noticed many of my files, even ProRes422 Quicktimes seem to erroneously be interpreted as 'trillions of colors'. I tried to isolate Project Settings, Color Management Settings and Footage Interpretation issues that may be conflicting with no luck.


      Here's the same file in CS6 and CS3






      I'm baffled and have lost at least 8 hours searching for solutions or workarounds. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks