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    Exporting to PDF, less than optimal font rendering...

    bobtem Level 1

      Font doesn't display as sharp in pdf as it does in source InDesign file. See sample and pixilation of text edges. I am viewing on my iMac Retina, and also on MBP retina, and it's the same either way.


      • Yes, I am exporting with "Print" settings, and tried both "High-quality" and "Press" options. No difference in how text looks in resulting pdf.
      • Yes, I have already looked at settings and have unchecked the box for "Compress text and line art". Nada.
      • Yes, I even did an experiment where I converted text to outlines so it's not a font, but outline artwork. No avail.


      Again, look at sample – I zoomed in 600% on pdf file, and took a screen sample. While the pixelation is subtle, it is there. And furthermore, there is no such degradation of text when viewing it in InDesign at any scale.


      Please advise.