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    How to load a local text/xml file

      I am trying to write a test program. I have a program that is going to get it's data from an XML file when it is first loaded. That XML file is going to be a local file that sit's in same folder as the flex program (rather than online or through a url address). Basically, I'm trying to find a way to open or load that file, then parse through it and store the xml data, then close the xml file (rather than using an rss feed). Everything I'm finding is only telling me how to load the data in through a url address. Is there any simple way to open a text or xml file?
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          First, this is not a Flex Builder question so it should go in the General Discussion forum, not here.

          In your description, the file you want is on the server ("file that sit's in same folder as the flex program "), and this is good, because security prevents you from accessing files on a client.

          Remember that you can have a "file url". It can be relative to the Flex app folder(../data/myData.xml), or Absolute, including the full path from the drive letter(file:///C:/dev/Flex2/source/RandD/myData.xml)

          You can use these urls with the XML source attribute.