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    CS3 upgrade won't recognize CS2 serial number




      We've got a copy of CS3 that we use almost never.  However, we need it for those occasions when we need it.  Initially, we purchased CS2 Premium for windows and then later upgraded to CS3.  Well, I need to install CS3 on a new computer, so I installed it and when it was done, it asked me for the serial number, which I put in.  Then it asked for the CS2 serial number and asked which version it was for, and I put int he CS2 number and specified CS2 Premium.  on Clicking "Next", I get the following error:


      "Adobe Creative Suite : Incorrect Number

      The serial number you have entered does not match the product you have selected.  Please try reentering the serial number, or selecting a different product from which to upgrade."


      I have the correct serial number, even verified it in my account at Adobe as being the correct number.  I have the correct version selected, Adobe Creative Suite 2 Premium, but just for kicks, I've selected CS1 Standard, CS1 Premium, and CS2 Standard.  All selections return the same error.


      Can anybody offer a solution to this?