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    refresh on resize? to avoid blur with responsive scaling

    Ottographix Level 1

      Does anyone know how to make edge refresh when a window gets resized?




      I'm asking because of the "blurry on resize" issue that some of us have experienced in Edge.

      This has been deemed a "browser issue" so I'm not holding my breath for it to be fixed soon.



      The project is here:Bellevue Interactive Walkabout Map


      It is set to responsive scaling. When you scale a window, it scales with it, but the end result can be blurry.

      I've found this to be the case on some browsers, but not all (Firefox and IE seem to be ok, but Safari and Chrome get blurry)


      If the window gets resized, then you hit "refresh", usually the image becomes clear again.

      I was hoping there was a code that would make it refresh automatically when the window gets resized.


      Any ideas or help would be appreciated!