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    LIGHTROOM 5 "error occurred when attempting to change modules” Fixed!




      If you get the error message, “An error occurred when attempting to change modules” open up a brand new user account on your computer, name it something (Do not use Guest). Lightroom will be installed on both users, however everyone wants it to work on their main account, here is how you do it.

      Click on the go menu at the top of the desktop in the new user profile and hold down option or the alt key. A tab will pop up that reads library. Click on it. A finder will appear, look for application support and click on it. Next, click adobe folder in Application Support and scroll down to Lightroom  Copy this folder and paste it into the main user. HOW TO DO THIS? First copy the entire folder and then click computer in the go menu, Macintosh HD and then Users. Find your primary user account. In this case it would NOT be the one that looks like the house because you are on your alternative account! Nevertheless, find your main user account, click it and paste Lightroom folder into it. Doesnt matter where you paste it, just know where it is.


      NOW, log out of the alternative account and log into your primary user account and find the copied lightroom folder. Do the same thing mentioned above, Go menu, Computer, Macintosh HD, Users, but this time click the house tab/primary user account. Find where you pasted the folder and paste it back in application support in the library via go menu (HOLD Alt/option button in GO menu, library tab will appear, click it, find Application Support). It will ask you to replace it. Hit yes. If it does not allow you to. Click get info on application support tab (Right Click) and make sure everyone is on read and write. Once pasted and replaced start up Lightroom.



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          thank you so much....it takes ten months for me to figure it out not until I read your advice...I feel frustrated and almost lose hope.It seems like there's no more light in the room, not until come to read your wonderful advice.It really works...and now the room has ligthed finally...once again, thanks a lot.



                                                                                                                                                                                           Starex of Renton, Washington

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            Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi rexs,


            Please check the link below, just for your future references.


            Error changing modules





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              kjblhpih Level 1

              You're very welcome. It took me a very long time to fix the problem as well, I lost all hope. Nothing in adobes help desk was working, I looked at dozens of forum'so with little help and no solutions. So I decided to figure it out on my own. I'm glad my method worked, it seems that this is one of the only method that does work if you want to work Lightroom on the primary user account.