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    rochribre1 Level 1
      How I do to load a var with action script and to use, if this var to be a array in the php.
      teste[0] - is a Array the PHP and teste5.text is a Dynamic Text the flash
      this retorn = undefined and if I put only teste return = Array.

      var arquivo1:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
      arquivo1.onLoad = function(){

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          jthereliable Level 1
          ok... so, lemme get this straight... you want to load an array... right? I'm not totally sure if there's an easier way, but here's the way I'll use

          on PHP, do this:

          echo "&teste=";
          $teste[]="hi, again";
          echo "||||";
          echo $teste[$i];
          echo "&";

          and for inside the arquivo1.onLoad = function(), I'll do this:
          teste5.text=testearray[0]; //and if you want, you can do testearray[1]

          if you do that, teste5 will say "hi" and if you used 1, it'll say "hi, again"

          I'm not POSITIVE that it will work, because I didn't check and debug it for errors, but I hope you get the idea.
          (and I hope this was what you were looking for)