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    Error: "... is not a table ..." XML not correctly interpreted after XSL-transformation. Table row quantity problem.

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      Hey guys, this is one of my xml-elements:

      Jaspreet Sohi 12 18 Juliane Lenz 11 17 Sophie Charlotte Stender 10 15 Rosbeh Hamidzadeh Khayyat 12 17 Lion Stoldt 12 17 Mats Lucas Meincke 6 8 Bero Luke Vincent Ernst 6 8 Cedric Roth 6 8 Soner Cantay 6 8 The following XSL Transformation I use once for transforming all "m" tags and once in order to transform all "j" tags. Please imagine the CSL-code below to be duplicated exactly. Only the "jungs"-table-Tag is replaced by "mädchen" and all underscores _j are replace by _m. As well all "select="j[@..." parts are replaced by "select="m[@...". 1 2 3 The code is very easygoing I think and not difficult to understand. As I said, I use it twice - for both transformations. The very, extremely weird thing, my problem, is that one transformation works perfectly in InDesign and a table is created for all "kategorie"-tags (all is set within a for-each loop). But the second script does not work! I simply do not get this I can't understand it. I've tried more than anything. InDesign sais (in German, so translated based on assumption) "jungs is an invalid table element or is displayed in wrong order". The second strange thing is that I can replace my "aid:trows" attribute by any number, e.g. "10" and immediately the script works fine (as there are never more than 6 "j" tags in my XML so that never the table has more than 6 rows"). But it does not want to work correctly with the actual number, my variable "rows_j". These are my variables: They are all defined before the tables for m and j are created. So finally, why (the heck) is one table created and interpreted perfectly whereas the second - immediately following the first in the XSL.script as an EXACT copy of the first - results in an error? As i've already said, I've tried really everything. For example the script works also when one of the parts "" is randomly deleted from the script. Removing one of these parts directly makes the script working. Just one of my attempts to understand the thing but this has only shown that none of these parts "cell to end-for-each" includes an error. I'm really desperate and looking forward to being rescued by one of you geniuses :)