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    How to make individual layers within a file shatter/explode independently?


      I know how to use the shatter effect. When I try to use it for the individual triangles (each their own layer) making up the word, the entire word shatters, but I want the triangles to shatter, or explode, independently. I'm new to After Effects by the way. I dragged each layer into the composition. I tried to do an adjustment layer above the layers, but that did not work. I tried to parent all the layer beneath the upmost layer to the top layer and used the shatter effect on that layer, but that didn't work. Right now, I have the multiple layers precomposed so that all of the layers can be affected. I don't know if it's the shatter tool that I even need, but I just want the triangles to fly away from each other, and moving each of their positions would be time consuming (Monday project deadline). The file is below. Thank you.kassim.png