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    Send here by Adobes tech-support: Unable to access Adobe-ID used for ebook-DRM



      I have contacted Adobes tech-support and was send here with my problem. The representative told ma, one of the senior members would help me to solve it.

      Here is my problem:

      I created an Adobe-ID and bought several ebooks which are DRM-protected and connected to that ID. I do not have access to the mailadress used for creating the Adobe-ID.

      Though I remeber the password the system requires me to change it (I have not been here since the security-breach in 2013). Therefor it wants to send me a mail to do so, which never arrives. So I am locked out from that old ID.

      Adobes help-system connected me to tech-support-chat and I tried to change my mailadress there. The person there told me this is no issue for him but to create a new ID and to go here for further help.

      So how can I use my old ebooks with that new ID? Simply downloading them again results in an error that they have been uses by another ID (presumably my old one).

      Thanks for help, I really would like to read my old books!