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    Lightroom calling pictures already imported "new."

    genefama Level 1

      The main reason I ditched Aperture years ago was that I couldn't trust it to keep a streamlined library. If I stuck a memory card in the reader, the program would often think the files were new and would re-import them, causing multiple copies of the same images to wind up in the library and forcing me to use Araxis or some similar software to try to weed them out later. The result of all this redundancy was that I needed a software that knew with certainty which images were already in the Library so I could pore through all the various directories and backup directories I had in hope of coming up with a single, parsimonious set of shots with none missing and none duplicated. Lightroom to the rescue. Until around version 5.7 or version 6.

      With the most recent updates Lightroom is doing what Aperture used to do, including photos already imported in the Import panel, even when told to only show new photos. Has anyone else experienced this and/or know what might be causing it or a possible fix? When you can't trust the software at this basic function things get scary, because you don't know if it's NOT importing shots it thinks it has already has but in fact hasn't.  Is it a bug? Any advice?