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    Simple Print problem

    jmoggio Level 1
      I've searched the forum for an answer, but all the posts had to do with printjob, scroll panes and other components, dynamic content, etc... I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible.

      On my main timeline I have a movie clip - instance name "contents" - which is masked by a mask layer.
      Inside "contents" I have a clip instance name of "textbox" and a button.

      "textbox" extends below the mask on the main timeline and scrolls with actionscript I put in. It contains only static text boxes and there are no components involved. "textbox" has only one frame, and it is labeled with #b.

      The button has this code...

      print(textbox, "bmax");

      The result is that it prints "textbox", but only what is visible within that _root mask layer at the time, not the whole thing, and it prints it on the background color of the flash movie.

      Can I somehow print the entire textbox clip without getting into 30 lines of printjob code and dynamic masking etc etc? And can I get it to not print on the flash movie's background color?