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    Sign With Certificate Not Working: "Creation of this signature could not be completed. Access Denied"


      I have a PC with Windows 8.1. I own Acrobat Pro 11.0. I've spent hours of my time researching and troubleshooting to get my "Sign with Certificate" tool to work. After I create the signature box, a message appears saying "Creation of this signature could not be completed. Access denied." Following that it gives me a file path into "Acrobat\11.0\Security\addressbook.acrodata" . When I get into the Security folder, I do not see "addressbook.acrodata". The files I see are 1) aaa09592, 2) Annss.dat, 3) Annssi.dat, 4) Annssk.dat, 5) directories.acrodata, 6) a file with my name which has what appears to be a red key in the icon, 7) services_pro.dat, 8) services_proi.dat and 8) services_prok.dat. As I said, the file "addressbook.acrodata" . If that's the problem, how do I solve it? If it's not the problem, what do I need to do to fix this situation?  Please provide me with a solution to my issue ASAP.