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    After Effects CC2014 crashes when I try to open any project


      While I was working today, After Effects crashed and gave me the messages displayed below, and now I get the same messages (with a different number in <3236>) whenever I try to open a project. I've tried rebooting, uninstalling/reinstalling After Effects, purging the memory and all of the cache manually, uninstalling the only plugin I've installed in the last few days (Element v2.0.7), using the file>open menu command (instead of open recent), and opening from explorer; I haven't updated any drivers or anything else today. I can open these same projects on other computers without any problem, both on PCs and Macs. And I can import a project, work normally, and then save and open that new project, but I don't feel safe doing that for important/large projects. I've also now wasted over an hour and a half waiting for someone in chat support.


      My specs are:

      Windows 8.1 pro

      Asus P9X79 LE

      i7 3930k 6 core

      48 gb ram

      dual GTX 780 ti's