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    Date folder format


      Before I started using Lightroom, I got into the habit of naming my folders the following way:

      2002_10_15 Birthday Party



      Now when I import one of these folders, Lightroom changes it to:


      The underscores are replaced by hyphens, and the folder name is gone


      I've looked at the Preferences tab, and the only thing I can come up with is substituting illegal characters with underscore


      Any ideas as to how to overcome this?





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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          Use the ADD option when you import and your folder names and file locations will not change

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            Bob has you pointed in the right direction.

            You have already copied your images to your hard drive and have already organized them into the directories you want.

            At this point all you need to do is import the files into the catalog from where they are using the "add" option.

            If you use any of the "copy" commands the files will be moved to other locations using the default new folder names (or user-configured new folder names).

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              Apneamd Level 1

              Thanks you guys. That really helped.

              Actually, I am moving all my files and putting them on an external drive, but I'd rather move them from one drive to the other within Lightroom, than rename them


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                99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You could do what I do. Build the sequence YYYY/MM/DD into your collection and folder names without any punctuation or special characters. Everything stays beautifully in chronological order. Perhaps you could adopt that method going forward and gradually re-name folder within Lightroom. See image: