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    Bug report: LR hang on import when full iPhone is connected


      Just like other users have experiensed (here is one: Re: Lightroom 4 crashes on import ) I find that Lightroom crash on import if an iPhone with no free storage is connected.


      When I know of the bug, I can free up some space from the iPhone, disconnect it from the computer, start LR and re-attach the iPhone.

      If I then hit Import, I find that LR works fine.


      If I just free up space on the iPhone, without disconnecting and reconnecting the iPhone, LR still chrass on Import.


      This is a bug, and Adobe should fix it!


      I have run in to this with Lightrom 4, 5 and 6.

      And with iPhone 4S and iPHone 5S running many versions of IOS.


      If you look at the first post in the supplied link (first sentens), you see how much work some users put in to troubleshooting this issue.


      I think that if the developers of LR would make a simple: Check if there is any problems with any of the connected devices before displaying the Import screen (and crash the aplication), all of this can be solved.


      Think how nice it would be, to get a message telling us that: It seems that you have an iPhone with to litle free space, connected. You might want to disconnect it and free up some space, before Import. OK - Cancel.


      Adobe: Please fix this OLD bug!

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          THANK YOU.


          I have been looking all over to find the problem.  I always use Lightroom to import photos from all my iOS devices and have never encountered a problem until tonight.  I just kept seeing the same old threads about this problem.  I even saw an Adobe employee post an Android user should charge his phone when he imports.  That is a workaround, not a fix and not if you need to get photos off your device.


          I'm freeing up space now and hopefully this work.